Do you have any calming rituals you do before you are able to fall asleep? Let me share with you an article by the American Sleep Association that talks about this.

Having difficulty falling asleep is not uncommon for many people. Often, stress and anxiety are the causes for sleeplessness. Practicing good Sleep Hygiene can help some people sleep, but isn’t always enough. If stress is keeping you awake, it may help to supplement your normal sleep routine with some calming rituals to help you fall asleep.

Guided Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep

Guided meditation is known to be effective in reducing stress as well as improving the overall quality of life. The purpose of this practice is to slow down and eventually stop our minds from any activity. Some refer to this as “thoughtless awareness.”

To practice guided meditation you will need a soundtrack, which can now be found on many smartphone apps. Turn on the soundtrack and leave it playing quietly at your bedside. Close your eyes and follow the commands. The objective is to stop your mind’s activity, not to focus on breathing or posture, and it should not take any mental effort.

Mindfulness to Help You Fall Asleep

Many people with stress in their lives spend a lot of time with negative thoughts and trying to solve problems. This can be tiring and cause anxiety, which also results in difficulty falling asleep. With mindfulness, an overactive mind can be put at ease. This practice is known to lessen anxiety and depression, improve mood, and help you feel relaxed.

Unlike meditation where you are “zoning out” and slowing down your mind, mindfulness is “zoning in” and being focused on living in the moment. It involves accepting everything the way it is right at this moment, without analyzing or judging your feelings, just being aware of their existence.

Progressive muscle relaxation to Help You Fall Asleep

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique used to relieve tension in your muscles, which then helps you relieve tension in your mind. It distracts your mind from worrying by focusing on your body.

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